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 See Jeff Schulman, Dr. Engel's patient on NBC's News 4 New York.

"Dear Dr. Engel:

In November 2006, I was at my absolute heaviest ever. Not even after both my pregnancies had I ever been so overweight. I made an appointment and was immediately made to feel comfortable by you and your staff. The metabolic testing you conduct, as well as the complete physical and lab work, made me feel sure that my health - not just my weight - was being looked after. Your program has allowed me to modify my behavior, take notice of the things that adversely affect my eating habits and showed me how to manage my weight now and long term. You have helped me realize, once and for all, that it is all a balance.

You have also helped me accept that this is how it needs to be for the rest of my life - overindulge one day (and that is perfectly OK), but cut back the next. Maintaining my weight loss has always been my biggest struggle and you have showed me the way - not by telling me what to do, but by guiding me in the right direction and letting me make the choices that worked for me. I feel healthy and confident, and look great. I thank you for that and for the caring support you have given me and continue to provide. I have recommended you to several people and will do so again and again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Christina – Consultant



"I especially liked the follow up with eight to ten weeks of one-to-one meetings. This close attention made the program a way of life.

You have shown me how to modify my food choices and the program became a training lifestyle, not simply a diet. This program will be something I will follow for the rest of my life!

My weight loss success has influenced friends and family to look a their diet and exercise choices. It has benefited us all."

Elizabeth – Account Executive



"I particularly appreciated the fact that this is more of a reeducation of our habits rather than a starving “diet”.

I didn’t starve, nor took pills, to reduce my appetite. The whole process was very gradual, I was able to eat well and still lose weight!

My weight loss has allowed me to finally feel well about myself.

Eliane – VP of Product Development




"I was ready to lose weight but did not know where or how to start. Dr. Engel provided me with the tools to help me lose a significant amount of weight without feeling hungry and without feeling that I was missing out on the foods that I wanted to eat.

The focus on her program is on completely changing your lifestyle and on changing the way that you think about food – it is not simply about being on a “diet”. I have lost more weight than I could have ever dreamed thanks to Dr. Engel’s program and feel as though I am back in control of my life."

Jeff – Attorney


 Jeff has lost over 230lbs
(and counting!) and over
20" off his waist.

Jeff ran the 2009 NYC Marathon.
See his profile on
NBC's News 4 NY.


"I really liked how the program is tailored to my individual needs. You taught me how my body responds to different types of foods.

Your program teaches people how to make healthy food choices for “real life” situations. I now feel that I am in control of my weight instead of it being in control of me.

Kimberly – Senior Account Executive

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