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Jeff Schulman

Jeff Schulman, Dr. Engel's patient, lost over 230 pounds and ran in the 2009 NYC Marathon. He was profiled in NBC's News 4 New York by Tracey Strahan.

Jeff on NBC's News 4 New York.

Jeff running the 2009 NY Marathon.

"I was ready to lose weight but did not know where or how to start. Dr. Engel provided me with the tools to help me lose a significant amount of weight without feeling hungry and without feeling that I was missing out on the foods that I wanted to eat.

The focus on her program is on completely changing your lifestyle and on changing the way that you think about food – it is not simply about being on a “diet”. I have lost more weight than I could have ever dreamed thanks to Dr. Engel’s program and feel as though I am back in control of my life."

Jeff – Attorney

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